Saturday, January 27, 2007

Why its happen to us?

What you want from me? Why you keep remind me? Why its happen to me too? Why and why keep in my mind. Why we change like this and its happen too hard for us. Maybe thats because our mistake. We do too much things..

So..don't ruin yourself. Please don't hurt your hearts. Please never try to run from my life again. I know we need each others.

So..fate will do something with us. I know about that..God Knows..We must knows too..:)

PS : Thanks for online yesterday, Riko..

PSS : We know, we love each other. We miss each other..

Friday, January 26, 2007

Do you have Friends?

What i want to talk today? It about rehab or something else? still don't know. But i want to share something with you. Do you have many friends? Do you know what your friends like and dislike? SOmetimes we need friends to share our faovorite. To share our feeling, to share happiness, to know each other. Sometimes, many people missunderstand about friendship.

Do you till friendship is nothing?

Or you think friendship is for something you cannot do? YOu don't need friends? So, what you need in this world? What you want to find in this world?

And last question, do you have really best friend in your life?

PS : Just think, do you really have a good friends?